25 Reasons to Read.

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1.To escape.
2. To time travel.
3. To exercise my imagination. 
4. To walk in someone else's shoes. 
5. To learn something new. 
6. To get out of my head and into someone else’s. 
7. To learn a new word or
remember an old one.
8. To laugh. 
9. To quiet the mind. 
10. To dream awake. 
11. To find just the right words
to say how you feel.
12. To discover the world without leaving home. 
13. To not stare at a screen
for 30 freaking minutes.
14. To bring back memories. 
15. To meet new people without
having to actually get dressed.
16. To get inspired and motivated. 
17. For the wonder and delight
it brings to children.
18. Because no one understands
me quite like Jane Austen.
19. So I can point out all the things
they got wrong in the movie.
20. To hear my own story in
someone else’s words.
21. To broaden my horizons and
get a new perspective.
22. To introduce my children to magic. 
23. “To find life, in all its possibilities.” —Claire Messud. 
24. To feel less alone. 
25. Because you never meet men like Mr. Darcy at the bar. 

Why do you love to read? 

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