And on the path of self-acceptance...

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And on the path of self-acceptance,
These twelve illusions you shall shed:

The illusion of being unwanted:
For, in truth, there is no such thing as
an unwanted soul.

The illusion of being unlovable:
For your true self is love.

The illusion of unworthiness:
For you are always deserving of love and success.

The illusion of being weird:
For there is no such thing as normal.

The illusion of needing external validation: For your worth is never dependent on another's approval.

The illusion of being insignificant:
For your presence impacts all of humanity.

The illusion of being powerless:
For within you lies the strength to shape
your destiny and influence the world.

The illusion of not being good enough:
For you were born good enough.

The illusion of being a burden:
For your existence is a precious gift,
and your contributions add value.

The illusion of being unsuccessful:
For success is subjective, and your path is uniquely yours.

The illusion of being ugly:
Because that label only ever reflects the viewer being incapable of seeing beauty.

And the illusion that aging decreases your value: For, in truth, you are not a body but a soul.

Words by Tahlia Hunter
Artwork by Chie Yoshii


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