I: "Attention, attention... message to all Palestinians...

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I: "Attention, attention... message to all Palestinians... Go to Block 2371, it's safe there.
P: "Come brothers and sisters, take all the babies and children with you, we will take shelter in a safe place In Sha Allah"
I: "Are they there yet? If so, bomb that location more than 50 times, that way we'll be pretty sure we've killed all the people we tricked. We have to kill them all"
I:"How are we going to get away with this?"
I: "Simple... we say that we saw Hamas there and besides that, we have countries like America and Holland behind us. They believe us and are supporting us.
P:"Dad, look lights in the sky..."
P: "Repeat quickly after me dear.... "Ash-hadu allaa ielaaha iella llaah, wa ash-hadu anna Mohammadan rasoeloe laah"

Scenario: A man is holding the lifeless body of a child, with no head...just the torso and the dangling arms and legs..
More than 50 Palestinians have been burned alive, most of them while they were sleeping...in tents...


We live in a beautiful world with an evil humanity...


But for all those who support ISraHel, please leave my (social media) world...

i'm sorry....No words can convey the pain, frustration, fear, injustice.

But one day, all those victims will be smiling...one day...

Wahied Amirkhan

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