Pooja Tomar

Gepubliceerd op 16 juni 2024 om 18:08

Puja Tomar, India's first MMA fighter to win at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), attributes her success to her mother's unwavering support.


Growing up in Budhana, northern India, Puja had a passion for sports, inspired by wushu and boxing athletes. At the age of 12, she realized she needed to move to a bigger city to advance her skills. She told her mother, "I want to go elsewhere to become a better athlete." Despite the difficulties, her mother and sisters supported her decision.


Puja moved to Meerut, where she focused on wushu, winning her first sub-junior national medal at 12. Her mother defended her choice against societal judgment, telling Puja, "You need to go; I will handle them."


Facing numerous challenges, Puja remained determined, driven by her mother's sacrifice and belief in her. She excelled, earning national medals and representing India at the Wushu World Championships. Her success in wushu eventually led her to switch to mixed martial arts, a career she had only dreamed of in her small town.


Today, Puja Tomar celebrates not just her UFC victory, but the support and dedication of her mother, who made it all possible.

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