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Shounak Tewarie (1978),
founder - art director of Art is Well, Design Naambord, Designspatscherm
& Dharma Games. 



Shounak is a creative entrepreneur who has been working in the field of concept & design for years. He has been a creative person since childhood and has used this talent in business for the last 15 years. 

In 2007 he started the agency
'SC Concept & Design', because he noticed that there was still a lot to be gained in the design field, especially when it came to designing for large parties and other events. 

Setting up his own agency at the time,
did him no harm. The company prospered and soon his work was noticed by major organizers.


When he started working for Club Players in Zoetermeer in early 2008, DJ Eric Morillo and shortly afterwards DJ Chuckie's Dirty Dutch concept, a new phase dawned for him.  View his event history here. 


A lot of big names followed
immediately after, such as;

Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiesto,
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano,
Calvin Harris, David Guetta,
Martin Garrix, Chris Brown. 
Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, J. Balvin,
Juan Luis Guerra, Dyna, Nicky Jam. 


And most recently artists, such as; 
Anuell AA, Frenna, Tabitha,
Rolf Sanchez, Jonna Fraser, POKE,
Gio, Sabrosso and much more!


In recent years, Shounak has also been
the main art for the corporate identity
of major events, such as;
 Palmundo, Sexed Up, Ghostriders, Don’t Let Daddy Know ,Zsa Zsa Su, Sweets, Kwaku, Rumag Festival.  Bakka’na, Suriname Festival, Meisjes Blijven Meisjes, Reggae Lake Festival, Crazy Sexy Cool, Int. Sushi Festival, Sexy by Nature, Jacked, Amazone Project BC Bloomingdale, BC Vroeger, Kings of ACE, Latin Lovers, Flamingo Nights, Sandayz.  Release Yourself and much much more! 


Are you looking for event artwork or
do you need a CD cover or merchandise? 



In recent years, Shounak has built up an
enormous network with Creative League – a group of creatives that, in 2017, offers clients solutions in the field of design. This includes complete corporate identities with branding, merchandise, but also webdesign, photoshoots, animations, videos and developing apps.

Outside of the events, Shounak has also
contributed to designing for corporate clients, including;
  Municipality of Rotterdam, Eneco, Samsung, Heineken, Red bull, Health Freaks, Massage Meneer, London Beauty Bar and many SMEs. 


For a brief overview of his
designed logos or branding,
check here:



Shounak's first design in the field of spirituality. 

Here's his story about this design: 


"My first spiritual artwork in 2013
after my mother passed away.

A broken Shivji. 

I was angry, disappointed and intensely sad...Faith and trust were broken in me and the first thing that came to my mind was that Shivji had abandoned me.. Abandoned, because my mother was a real Shiv Bhakt and he couldn't save her from her sickbed. 
This was my first real creation purely to
express my feelings..
 I never expected
that my creation would have such a
huge impact worldwide.

A few years ago Abhishek Bachchan shared it during Shiv Ratri, several schools in India have copied it in their schoolyard and how wonderful is that! 

But what I have also seen is that dozens,
perhaps more artists, have been inspired by my creation and have copied it in the form of a painting, drawing, watercolor, oil paint, tattoo, etc, and I think that is only a great compliment."



In November 2020, Shounak
launched Design Naambord.

A piece of his own art on a nameplate.
It was an immediate success with several broadcasts on RTL4, program Wooninspiraties,as a nice result.


"So grateful and happy that hard work, believe in yourself and never give up really does not go unseen." 

Have you still not found the right nameplate for your front door and are you looking for a nameplate with a unique design in style? 

Then you will surely find what you are
looking for in his assortment!


There are many categories, such as animals, animal families, spiritual art, flags, flower walls, neon, marble or glitter & glamour.


Check the website for more!  



In 2021, Shounak has come up with a
new concept for children to learn about
Hinduism through play called
Dharma Games.

A unique, innovative and special line
of children's games.


Today it is no longer so easy to pass on
the same message to the current generation. Children are busy with all kinds of things and it is difficult to get their attention for
important life lessons, while there is a need for them. 

The purpose of Dharma Games is to
get acquainted with the philosophy
of Hinduism,the Dharma.


Central to this are the characters,
who are a manifestation of important
norms and values within Hinduism.

Children can learn in an accessible and
playful way from an early age about who the devis and devtas are and what message they convey.

The characters of Dharma Games have
been deliberately developed in the form
of a child, so that children can identify with the characters more easily. 
There is an Aries in every human being, but also a Raavan. A Krishna but also a Kali. Children learn that it's okay to have certain qualities, because the characters have them too. 

There isn't just one character you can identify with and there isn't a box you exactly fit into.


Dharma Games hopes that this will reassure children at a young age, who experience enough social pressure, about their own character traits. They can draw inspiration from stories, traits of characters; the socially desirable, but also the difficult to accept. 


The games, but also the calendars, books and other accessories, also help parents to talk to their child about events, feelings and actions. 

The games and reading books (including Mantra'sHanuman Chalisa, Nav Durga) have been translated into Dutch. 






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