Often people tell me that...

Gepubliceerd op 9 augustus 2023 om 20:16

Often people tell me that my stories are sad and of course they are but sadness mingles with happiness and we will not get through life without having big doses of both! Unfortunately we sometimes don’t recognize happiness but we don’t have choices when bad things hit us head on.

When I was young I remember that my friends and I would read really sad books and cry and cry! I remember reading one that Dale Evans wrote about her child that died and we passed it around and cried over it. I think we enjoyed those tears! The joy of drama! And youth. Youthful drama! Now there are times that we enjoy watching movies that make us cry. Nicholas Sparks made millions from his sad books that became sad movies. I prefer books and movies with happy endings though. So laugh a lot today and maybe a tear will fall but that’s ok too. I guess we need a bit of both to balance life!

Journey of a mountain women.

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